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Ann Mulally
Joe and Ann Gallo
Norman Appel
Walter and Susan Buckley
Christopher Jones and Deborah McAlister
Anh-Tuyet Nguyen and Robert Pollock
Anson and M’Liss Dorrance
Deborah and Charles Adelman
Linda and Steve Moffitt
Sutherland Family
Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty Kenan
Jim Chervenak
Nancy and Michael Feller
Elaine and Irving Wolbrum
Amy Ghiz
Alex Kirk
Gabrielle Yen
John and Jody Arnhold
Bob and Linda Berzok
Boneparth Family
Mark A. and Taryn Leavitt
Andrew and Nao Wylie
Sarah Hancock
Stacey Laljee
Anne Izzillo
Peter Dorrance and Dolly Hunter
Mike and Pat Klowden
Mishay Petronelli
John Wieland
Kenny Carlson
Evan Steen
Anabel Adams
J. Henry Burnett
Munroe and Becky Cobey
Karen Gross and Stephen H. Cooper
Dean Hargrove
Whitney Lohmeyer
Olga Lucia
George Peppard and Caolyn Gray
Angela and Joel Solomon
Paula Wardynski and Jed Scala



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 Susan Abramson, Anabel Adams, Deborah and Charles Adelman*, Clayton Adkisson, Dennis R. and Kathleen M. Anderson, Norman Appel, Jody and John Arnhold, Kathryn E. Bell*, Christine Bell*, Henri Benaim, Nancy Otness Bent, Susan Berenzweig, Jan Berris, Bob and Linda Berzok*, Katherine Bissinger*, Charles Blyth*, Allie Bohm*, Boneparth Family, Didi and Chris Brown, Caroline Nicholson Brown, Steve Bruner, Walter and Susan Buckley, Brenda Bufalino, Aimee Peden Burke, Angelina Burnett, J. Henry Burnett, Kristi Burris*, Sydney Burtis, Naomi and Don Burtis, Elliot Carlin, Kenny Carlson*, Anna Casillas*, Cintia Chamecki, Jim Chervenak, Miriam and Dustin Chicurel-Bayard*, Vin Cipolla and Celine McDonald, Munroe and Becky Cobey, Jena Cogswell, Bruce Conaway*, Sandra Corry*, Gretchen Rennell Court, Miles Crawford*, Susannah D’Oench*, Kristin DePlatchett*, Esther de Rothschild*, Paul Domotor*, Anson and M’Liss Dorrance*, Donovan Dorrance, Peter Dorrance and Dolly Hunter*, Katherine Ducker, Wendy Eagle*, Janet Eilber*, Lauren Elson*, Isaac Ezer*, Anne Faircloth and Fred Dufour*, David Farnsworth, Nancy Farrell, Nancy and Michael Feller*, Kate Samsot Fessler*, Susan Freeman, Dion Frischer, Ann and Joseph Gallo*, Nic Gareiss*, Michael Gary*, Amy Ghiz*, Steffie and Bob Gittleman*, Thelma Goldberg, Cory Greenberg*, Karen Gross and Stephen H. Cooper, Sarah Hancock*, John Hanks*, Dean Hargrove*, Natalie Harris*, Kristine Heavey*, Gretchen Hunt, Caroline Hyman, Beth H. Isenhour, Odile Isralson*, Christopher Jones and Deborah McAlister, Nancy K. Kalodner and Dr. Justin Wernick*, Paula and Jack Kaminer*, Nancy and Sylvester Karagis, Betty and Thomas S. Kenan III*, James Kimball King*, Alex Kirk, Deb Klowden Mann, Mike and Pat Klowden, R.J. and S.L. Kluegel, Kelly Knox and Family, Lauren Koffler*, Jonathan Kotch, Sali Ann Kriegsman*, Stacey Laljee, James Lapine*, Marnie LaRose, Laura and Roger Lavan*, Chantal Lawrence*, Mark A. and Taryn Leavitt*, Tracey Leone, Missy Loving*, Keath Low, Olga Lucia, Guido Mandozzi*, Emily Marshall*, Alice and John May*, Michael Mcgettigan*, Patricia Medalen, Kathleen Millonzi, Sandra Miura, Linda and Steve Moffitt*, Anthony Morigerato*, Margaret Morrison, Ann Mulally*, Deborah Murnin, Judith Norell, Clare O’Donnell, Rein O’Reilly, Hendrika Overton, Amy Page*, Jaclyn and Terence Pare, Aimee Peden Burke*, George Peppard, Michelle and Steve Pesner*, Jacob Peters*, Mishay Petronelli*, Joseph D Policano, Anh-Tuyet Nguyen and Robert Pollock*, Kristen A Remick, Sharon Ritt, Laura Rizzo, Wyndham Robertson*, Seth Rogovoy*, Rocky Romero*, William Rosenthal, Courtney Runft*, Claus Salzmann*, Keri Sanchez*, Marsha Schmidt, Mary R. Segulin*, Elaine Shannon*, Edward L. Sherman, Anne Sherow, William Siemering, Joshua Silver, Lin and Susan Simon, Andrea Small, Nancy Smith, Lori Sogol, Whitney Sogol, Joel and Angela Solomon*, Evan Steen, Symone Sylverster, Tracy Strong*, Elissa Marie Sutherland and Domenica Moro Sutherland*, Sutherland Family, Lisa Swenton-Eppard*, Yvette Teofan, Jo Umans, Caroline Vance*, Paula Wardynski and Jed Scala, Emily Wasserman, Joan Gayle Watson, Stephen Weiner, Suzi Wojdyslawski*, Elaine and Irving Wolbrum, Linda Wolfson*, Andrew and Nao Wylie*, Gabrielle Yen, Carol Ann Zinn, Jerry Zinser*, Herbert Zohn*, Anonymous* (5)
*Contributed to the 2016 Dorrance Dance Get Floored Campaign.

The 2016-2018 creation of an evening-length version of Myelination is made possible by the New England Foundation for the Arts’ National Dance Project, with lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

General Operating support was made possible by the New England Foundation for the Arts’ National Dance Project with funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.




The 2017 Hong Kong Arts Festival and Colours International Dance Festival engagements are supported by Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation through USArtists International in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


General Operating support is provided by the Harkness Foundation 

A big thank you to the American Tap Dance Foundation for their generous support and use of their tap dance floor during select touring engagements. 

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The Sherwin-Williams Foundation

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